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President, Kyoil Suh
Dear members of the Korean Endocrine Society,
This year, the Korean Endocrine Society celebrates its 36th anniversary. The society established endocrinology as a separate discipline in Korea and has played a central role in advancing excellence in endocrinology and promoting scientific discovery and medical practice in this field.

Over the year, our society has grown rapidly based on devoted efforts of many honorable pioneering seniors. It is developing continually as a prestigious international society, organizing successively the Seoul International Congress of Endocrinology and Metabolism (SICEM), which is a leading international meeting held annually in Asia. Furthermore, society journal, the Endocrinology and Metabolism (EnM), is waiting for Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) registration following registration to the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

In addition, with the continuing growth of society and the field of endocrinology, a number of societies related to endocrine diseases have been established. Our society has performed faithfully a role as their mother society. Such a great progress of the society must be proudly attributed to the passion and efforts of our members. I’d really like to take this occasion to thank all members of the society.

Endocrinology is a very attractive study that reasons and identifies causes of complex metabolic and physical changes induced by the change of invisible hormones or endogenously secreted substances. In particular, endocrine diseases have become a major social issue such as endocrine disrupting chemicals or accounted a large proportion of highly prevalent chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. In this regard, there are great social demands for many relevant researchers and professionals to prevent and treat the diseases. Now I feel great responsibility and honor to be a president of the society that plays academically and socially a crucial role.

With the age of the fourth industrial revolution, interdisciplinary research has emerged up as an important topic over the entire area of studies. Moreover, technological barriers to entry are constantly being lowered. Accordingly, even in the field of biological science, research limitations by technological difficulties are being gradually overcome. With this change, our society has promoted aggressively exchanges and cooperation with researchers in diverse areas, and high-quality research activities using advanced technologies also increase continually. In this regard, I am very grateful and I think it is encouraging.

In the years to come, in succession to previous traditions, I will make an effort to provide support so that our society can vitalize increasingly these exchanges and cooperation with researchers interested in endocrinology and raise global profile of our society through international collaborative exchanges, and also broaden the horizon of endocrinology through cooperation and convergence with various studies.

I appreciate your devoted efforts and services for the development of the society once again. I seek your active interest and participation.

Thank you.

Kyoil Suh

Chairman and the Board of Directors, Moo-Il Kang
Dear Members of the Korean Endocrine Society,

Founded in 1982, Korean Endocrine Society has been expanding rapidly, both in quality and quantity. In 2017, Seoul International Congress of Endocrinology and Metabolism (SICEM) celebrates its 5th anniversary in efforts to internationalize its academic conference; now scholars from approximately 20 countries, who specialize in endocrinology and metabolism participate in the SICEM conference every year, and the journal of the Korean Endocrine Society, with a 30-year history, has become an international academic journal, Endocrinology and Metabolism, enhancing its international credibility and values.

Along with the rapidly aging population and recent changes in social structure, medical treatment demand related to metabolic/endocrine diseases is rising rapidly and social responsibility within our Society is also increasing accordingly. However, various changes and challenges in the surrounding environment in recent years require wiser and more creative responses. In particular, the borders between medical departments are harder to distinguish, and future medical policies or structural changes such as remote medical examination and treatment or informatization through artificial intelligence will act as important variables in the future and for the understanding of endocrinology and metabolism.

The Endocrine Society will try to expand the foundation of endocrinology and metabolism through a research revitalization plan in basic, clinical, and intervention fields and make efforts to lead education, research, and medical treatment in the field of metabolic/endocrine diseases. We will also actively participate in the prevention of, promotion of, and policymaking for metabolic/endocrine diseases. As our core mission, we will continuously and tirelessly invest in and make efforts for the internationalization and advancement of academic conferences and the journal. In order to fulfill every part of our mission, we will pay close attention to our members’ various opinions, reflect them in our Society’s policies, and do our best in order for our Society to become the center for cooperation and mutual development among members.

We would like to ask you for your active participation in the Society’s affairs, and look forward to your interest and input.

Thank you.

Board of Directors

Dongsun Kim