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President, Kyoil Suh
Dear members of the Korean Endocrine Society,
Since its establishment in 1982, the Korean Endocrine Society has undergone steady and continued growth, and is currently composed of over 1,600 active members in basic and clinical fields of endocrinology and metabolism. Thanks to the efforts of many members of the Society, the Society played an important roles in the academic and clinical researchers of endocrinology and metabolism. With a sense of heavy responsibility, It is a great honor for me to be the chairman of the Society.

The largest event of the Korean Endocrine Society is the Seoul International Congress of Endocrinology and Metabolism (SICEM), getting settled as an leading congress in Asia, held every year since 2013 with increasing participants and abstracts in all the fields of endocrinology and metabolism. The official journal of the Korean Endocrine Society is the Endocrinolgy and Metabolism (EnM). The EnM is published in English every month, collects papers from all over the world, and is registered to Emerging Source Citation Index Expanded (ESCI).

The Korean Endocrine Society establishes many guidelines for the endocrine diseases that can be used not only for academic content but also for patient care, holds training courses for the private practice physicians, strengthens academic ties with provincial Societies, and offers opinions on expansion of more reasonable insurance benefits.

For the development of the society, active participation of the members of the society is essential. I would like to thank you once again for members hard work for the development of the Society and ask for your continuous and active participation. We will continue our tradition and promote academic research and communications with domestic and foreign researchers who are interested in endocrinology. In addition, we will cooperate with various countries to enhance the international status of Korean Endocrine Society and endeavor to expand the horizons of endocrinology through our efforts.

I would like to thank the past chairmen, the past presidents, and the executives who have made a lot of efforts to keep up with the current Korean Endocrine Society.

Thank you.

Yongki Min

Chairman and the Board of Directors, Moo-Il Kang
Dear Members of the Korean Endocrine Society,

The Korean Endocrine Society (KES) has grown tremendously since its founding in 1982, and through the tremendous efforts and enthusiastic participation of its board and society members, we have achieved great success and progress. The Seoul International Congress of Endocrinology and Metabolism (SICEM), the official conference of the KES, has exhibited quantitative and qualitative growth; becoming a leading international conference in which researchers specializing in endocrinology and metabolism from all over the world come together in academic fellowship. Furthermore, in the future, the official journal of the KES, Endocrinology and Metabolism will be indexed in the Science Citation Index (SCI). As President of the KES, I feel extremely grateful. We, the members of the board of directors of the KES, look forward to introducing to you our goals of the 2019 ~2020 term.

1. Carrying out the mission of the KES
2. Improving interactive communication among the KES members
3. Embarking on initiatives supporting the early-career KES members
4. Establishing and supporting a variety of research councils and working groups to promote academic activities
5. Looking for better support and providing funds for academic activities of members
6. Escalating the standard of SICEM, Endocrine Week, training programs, and essential courses
7. Increasing diversity of the KES membership
8. Increasing the number of the KES regular members
9. Improving public awareness of endocrine and metabolic diseases
10. Playing a leading role in determining national health policies

As we strive to achieve these goals, we would like to encourage you to present your opinions as members so that we can actively integrate them into the new and ongoing missions of the KES. We look forward to your continuing interest and participation, and strengthening our network as members. I wish you all health and happiness.

Board of Directors

Eunjig Lee