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대한내분비학회 내분비질환 관련 임상 및 기초 연구자들의 학술 활동의 구심점 역할을 충실히 수행합니다.


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번호 카테고리 EnM 인용 제목 저자 저널명 출판년도/월
267 골대사 Protective role of skeletal muscle mass against progression from metabolically healthy to unhealthy phenotype. Kim Hong Kyu,Bae Sung Jin,Chang Hee Jung,Kim Eun Hee Clinical endocrinology 2018/10
266 골대사 Inhibition of RANKL-stimulated osteoclast differentiation by Schisandra chinensis through down-regulation of NFATc1 and c-fos expression., 18, 1 Kim Eun Jung BMC complementary and alternative medicine 2018/10
265 골대사 Lack of Association Between Vitamin D and Hand Grip Strength in Asians: A Nationwide Population-Based Study. Kwak Mi Kyung,Koh Jung Min,Lee Seung Hun,Kim Beom Jun Calcified tissue international 2018/10
264 골대사 Role of exercise in age-related sarcopenia., 14, 4 So Hun Kim Journal of exercise rehabilitation 2018/8
263 골대사 Assessment of patient-reported outcomes (PROs): treatment satisfaction, medication adherence, and quality of life (QoL) and the associated factors in postmenopausal osteoporosis (PMO) patients in Korea. Baek Ki Hyun,Kang Moo Il,Chung Dong Jin,Sung Hoon Kim,Jung Hwa Jung,Yoon Hyun Koo,Kim Deog Yoon,Chung Ho Yeon,In Joo Kim,Shin Chan Soo,Byun Dong Won,Lee Hae Hyeog,Yoon Byung Koo,Min Yong Ki,Koh Jung Min Journal of bone and mineral metabolism 2018/9
262 골대사 Defining sarcopenia in terms of skeletal health., 13, 1 Ji Hyun Lee,Choi Hyung Jin,Jung Hee Kim,Shin Chan Soo,A Ram Hong,Ji Hyun Lee Archives of osteoporosis 2018/9
261 골대사 Association between Sarcopenia, Sarcopenic Obesity, and Chronic Disease in Korean Elderly., 25, 3 Yoo Myung Hi,Byun Dong Won,Hyeong Kyu Park,Lee Jae Hyuk Journal of bone metabolism 2018/8
260 골대사 Relationship between Bone Density, Eating Habit, and Nutritional Intake in College Students., 25, 3 Lee Hae Hyeog Journal of bone metabolism 2018/8

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